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    AusRelief Disability Services (ARDS)

    Your National Disability Provider

    AusRelief Disability Services (ARDS) is a registered service provider driven by a desire to give back to communities. We believe in building trusted and secure connections with those we serve through employing people who encapsulate our values.

    Inclusiveness is important to us therefore we are always providing opportunities for our participants to take part in our charity programs within the community, giving them the chance to give back to others in need.

    NDIS Support Coordination

    Enhancing your Support Experience: Tailored Assistance from Support Coordinators

    At AusRelief Disability Services (ARDS), we understand that everyone’s journey is unique. That’s why our dedicated support coordinators offer personalised levels of assistance based on your specific coordination needs, goals, and circumstances. With their diverse abilities, knowledge, and experience, our support coordinators are equipped to help you focus on achieving your goals, such as connecting with valuable services.

    One of the primary roles of your support coordinator is to provide clarity regarding your NDIS Plan. They will guide you through understanding your support budget, offering insights on how to effectively allocate your funds, and providing strategies to manage your finances efficiently.

    Our support coordinators are also skilled in helping you navigate the vast landscape of service providers, services, and supports. By taking into account your unique circumstances, needs, and preferences, they assist you in making informed decisions and selecting the most suitable service and support options for your journey. Together with your support coordinator, you have the flexibility to choose the delivery method that aligns with your preferences, create a service agreement that aligns with your NDIS plan budget while reflecting your goals and needs, and explore new services to determine if they align with your needs.

    At ARDS, we believe in empowering individuals like you to make informed choices, ensuring your support experience is tailored to your needs and aspirations. Connect with our support coordinators today and embark on a personalised support journey that enables you to achieve your goals effectively.

    Support coordinators need to be familiar with services available in your local area. With their assistance, you can discover and access the NDIS, government programs and the community. This will allow you to pick the best service/s and supports for you, help you connect with providers and services that will encourage you to achieve your goals. Support coordinators can clarify for you times when you need to select NDIS registered providers or times when unregistered providers are an option. Support coordinators can also explain quality and safety measures and assist you if you require any estimates or quotations for home modifications. You should also discuss with your support coordinator ways your family and friends can support you to achieve your goals.

    Support coordinator can assist you by :
    • Helping you create a service agreement and service bookings.
    • Help you understand travel and cancellation policies.
    • Help you resolve issues that may prevent you for implementing your plan.
    • Assist you by determining how well your existing supports are going.
    • Ensure you are receiving the supports you require.
    • Help you switch to new providers if required.
    • Support you to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission if you are not happy with a provider.

    Support coordinators need to be familiar with services available in your local area.With their assistance, you can discover and access community, NDIS, and other government programs that you can use, pick the best service and supports for you, help you connect with providers and services that will support you to achieve your goals. Support coordinators can clarify for you times when you need to select NDIS registered providers, when unregistered providers are an option, quality and safety measures and if you require any estimates, quotations process such as home modifications. You should discuss with your support coordinator ways your family and friends can support you to achieve your goals. Support coordinator can assist you by helping you create a service agreement and service bookings; help you understand travel and cancellation policies or help you resolve issues that may prevent you for implementing your plan. They can further assist by determining how well your existing supports, ensure you are receiving the supports you require, switch to new providers, and support you to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission if you are not happy with a provider.

    NDIS Shop/Consumables

    Accessible Consumables for Enhanced Well-being

    Discover a world of convenience and choice with our wide range of NDIS consumables. At ARDS, we understand that everyday items are essential for managing your personal disability effectively. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of consumables designed to empower you in your daily life.

    Our consumables encompass a diverse range of products, including disposable pads, wound care supplies, nutritional supplements, and low-cost assistive technology, among others. With the NDIS philosophy of granting you the freedom to access necessary supplies from your preferred supplier, we strive to be your trusted partner in meeting your consumable needs.

    As a dedicated NDIS consumables provider, our mission is to ensure that our NDIS clients have seamless access to the equipment, materials, and products vital to enhancing their quality of life. If your NDIS plan covers nutritional products, our expert team can conveniently deliver top-quality options directly to your doorstep.

    Within our inventory, you will find a wide selection of renowned brands such as Abbott, PediaSure, and Nutricia. Our range extends to encompass various NDIS medical products, including continence aids, mobility aids, and rehabilitation equipment. If you require specialized equipment, furniture, aids, or other NDIS medical products, our team is here to assist you. Simply reach out to discuss your approved NDIS plan, complete a service agreement form, and access the support you need.

    We understand that participants with assistive technology needs may have funding allocated for consumables within their NDIS plan. This funding category is commonly referred to as “low-cost AT” under core supports. Our team is well-versed in navigating these requirements and can guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the consumables necessary to enhance your well-being.

    Experience the ease and convenience of accessing high-quality consumables tailored to your specific needs. Explore our extensive range at ARDS and unlock a world of possibilities that support your journey to greater independence and a fulfilling life.

    NDIS Support Work

    Empowering Independence through Support Work

    At ARDS, we understand the importance of having a reliable companion to support you in your daily activities and help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated support workers are here to accompany you on your journey, providing the assistance you need to navigate everyday tasks, travel with ease, and work towards significant milestones.

    Whether you require assistance with grocery shopping or wish to participate in community events, our support workers are ready to step in. Their presence is designed to empower you to live life to the fullest, seizing every opportunity that comes your way. Our ultimate goal is to help you build your capacity to independently carry out your daily activities, gradually reducing the need for ongoing support.

    If you have Core Support funding included in your plan, you can choose to allocate this funding towards everyday activities where a support worker can make a meaningful difference. Our team at ARDS is dedicated to matching you with a support worker who is best suited to your unique needs and aspirations. Together, you can engage in social and community activities, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment as you navigate the world around you.

    Experience the freedom of living confidently in the community, supported by a dedicated companion who understands your journey. Connect with ARDS today and embark on a partnership that aims to enhance your independence and enable you to embrace life’s possibilities.

    Empowering Social and Community Participation: Support Workers Dedicated to Your Growth

    At ARDS, our dedicated support workers are committed to empowering you to maximise your social and community participation. Through targeted development and training, we equip you with the necessary skills and abilities to actively engage in social, community, and recreational activities, allowing you to achieve your goals and embrace a fulfilling life.

    We understand the importance of having a support worker who not only possesses the necessary skills but also exhibits genuine passion and enjoyment in assisting participants. That’s why at ARDS, we carefully select support workers who are patient, supportive, and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Their commitment to your well-being and growth ensures a positive and enriching support experience.

    Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. That’s why we ensure that all our support workers have undergone rigorous screening processes. This includes obtaining a cleared Working with Children’s Check, a Criminal history record check and a comprehensive NDIS Worker Screening Check. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity to provide you with peace of mind.

    Recognising the importance of cultural sensitivity, ARDS is committed to understanding and meeting your unique cultural needs. We strive to match you, where possible, with support workers who respect and appreciate your cultural background, ensuring a supportive environment that respects your values and preferences.

    Our primary focus is on empowering you to exercise choice and control over the support you receive. We work closely with you to understand your preferences and tailor our services accordingly. With ARDS by your side, you can confidently navigate your support journey, knowing that you have a dedicated team of support workers who are committed to your well-being and growth.

    Experience the difference of personalised support that is tailored to your needs. Connect with ARDS today and unlock a world of opportunities where you can thrive and achieve your goals, while embracing the support you deserve.

    International Charity Work

    Making a Global Impact: Empowering Lives Beyond Borders

    When you choose AusRelief Disability Services (ARDS) as your NDIS support provider, you are not only enhancing your own journey but also making a profound difference in the lives of others facing similar circumstances. Your decision to access our comprehensive supports enables us to extend our reach beyond Australia’s borders, reaching individuals with disabilities who lack the necessary funding for vital assistance.

    At ARDS, we are dedicated to providing rehabilitation supports, medical aid, and essential consumables to individuals with disabilities worldwide. Through your support, we can bridge the gap, ensuring that those who would otherwise be deprived of such crucial resources gain access to the transformative support they deserve.

    Together, we create a ripple effect of positive change, touching the lives of individuals in distant corners of the world. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift, as your participation in our NDIS supports becomes a beacon of hope for those in need, transcending geographical boundaries.

    Your choice matters. Experience the profound impact of your support with ARDS and become a catalyst for transformative change that spans continents.

    Countries we provide assistance to include:

    The NDIS stands for The National Disability Insurance Scheme that operates Australia-wide.

    NDIS Legislation was passed in 2013 with the NDIS And National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) created shortly after.
    The scheme provides financial assistance to eligible people with a disability so they can spend more time with their loved ones, be more independent, learn new skills and access volunteering opportunities in their community. The NDIS also links people with a disability to services in their local area.

    The NDIS is there to support participants build their independence.
    To be eligible for the NDIS you must be an Australian citizen or hold a Permanent or Special Category visa, be aged between 7 and 65 and have a permanent or significant disability.