Are You eligible for consumables?

Am I eligible for consumables?

The term ‘consumable’ is a broad term that covers items used daily and are specifically needed because of the disability. A consumable is an “off the shelf” item that you might use every day to manage personal activities.

NDIS consumables can range from specialized food supplements, and syringes right through to translation services. These consumables are those that NDIS funding eligible disabled Australians might require for their Core Support Needs.

What is included in NDIS consumables?

As everyone is unique, their individual needs and requirements for consumables will vary.

To make it easier to understand how consumables work, NDIS has clear categories that can be bought using NDIS funding:

Continence supplies
Wound care products
Nutritional aids
Daily living
Protective aids.

Some people ask, if assistive technology is included in items you can purchase with NDIS funding.