Who is Eligible for Support Coordination?

Am I eligible for Support Coordination?

Not everyone who has a NDIS Plan is eligible for Support Coordination.

Support Coordination can be included in a NDIS plan if a person does not have any informal supports such as family, friends or other. These informal supports may have the knowledge to connect the participant with service providers or other.

A person will be eligible for support coordination in their plan will depend on what is “reasonable and necessary” to pursue one’s goals and whether they have been allocated a budget under Capacity Building in their NDIS Plan.

Support Coordination funding is allocated when a participant has the capacity to develop skills or confidence to manage their own NDIS plan, are new to NDIS and don’t understand what they can access from their plan, going through a significant life change such as moving or they will benefit from having a support coordinator.

Funding for support coordination is reviewed yearly and not offered on an ongoing basis. The number of funded hours may reduce as the participant independence improves.

There are 3 levels of support coordination that can be allocated in a NDIS Plan budget. If the level of support coordination has been specified in the budget, it can only be used for that level. If it has not been specified, the participant has the choice to purchase the level of support coordination that suits their needs.