Support Work?

What is Support Work?

Support work is provided by a professional support worker and mainly responsible for the wellbeing of a person with a disability to live more independently.

A support worker can be casual, part time or full time and assist people with a disability in their own homes, with going out into the community and social events. They can assist with general day to day activities such as shopping, cooking, personal care, visiting the doctors, providing emotional support etc.

Some support work requires the support worker to have relevant qualifications to support a person whereas others do not require any qualifications. An example, a support worker does not require any qualifications is if they are assisting a person with domestic assistance.

Support workers are limited in providing support work to a person in performing medical procedures, anything requiring specialist knowledge, operating heaving machinery or using equipment unrelated to the support or care of the person.

Support work can only be provided by a person who has undergone a police check, Working with Children’s Check (if required) and a NDIS Worker Screening Check and have up to date Covid 19 vaccinations.